Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Genesis - How Not to Begin Your Story

"One upon a time..."
"In the beginning..."
"Long ago, in a faraway land..."

Far too often do we begin our epic flights of fancy by distancing ourselves further from our precious fantasies. I would like to ask why. Why do we push ourselves further from our creation, when in reality we wish we were right there, living out our tales instead of simply narrating them?
 Sure, it could be argued that this is our mechanism for separating fiction from fact. In this way we ensure the world that we do not believe our own otherwise harmless lies, but that is the beauty of storytelling. We have to learn to teach ourselves that in order to craft our tales properly, we must be as willing as our audience is to suspend that disbelief.

Please, learn to lose yourself in your creations, because if you can't... how can you expect anyone else to?

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